Master in Photonics Engineering Tanvi Pradhan Photonics Internship Grenoble CEA-Leti

“I gained the experience to be a 21st century Photonics Engineer.”

Last summer, Tanvi Pradhan did an internship at CEA-LETI in Grenoble. She worked in the THz imaging group in the Optics and Photonics Division of the microelectronics and nanotechnology giant in France.

“This summer, I interned at CEA-Leti in Grenoble, France. They are one of the world’s largest organisations for research in microelectronics and nanotechnology. Their aim is to create novel technologies for helping companies develop new electronics and provide a comfortable life for people. I worked as a Graduate Student Intern in the THz imaging group of the Optics & Photonics division of the company. For my summer internship, I performed electro-optical characterisation of Ge on Si photodiodes and develop stress methods to improve their performance. The group had a plan of incorporating these diodes in thermal imaging systems.”

“The internship was a good experience, although it was a bit difficult due to COVID-19. It provided me a good educational experience along with the professional experience required as a Photonics Engineer of 21st century. Not only did I learn so many new concepts and techniques, I was also able to apply the concepts and knowledge I gained during the first year of my master studies.”

“Apart from the cleanroom processes, I learned to use many softwares like LabView and Python to analyse the IV-curve, which was once told theoretically in courses. Apart from analysing data and applying concepts, I also developed a critical thinking approach on how to analyse models and results.”

Master in Photonics Engineering Tanvi Pradhan Photonics Internship Grenoble CEA-Leti company logo

“This experience did not only enhance my technical knowledge but also helped me to grow professional relations. It helped me developing teamworking skills since I was a part of the group. The regular meetings with my supervisor and other members of the team enhanced my presentation skills, which is one of the most important skills in today’s world. It did not only help me understand new technologies and how big companies approach innovations internally and externally, but also gave me an international exposure, which is a key aspect for employees.

“From learning basic French to developing a culinary taste for French cuisine, and most importantly rock climbing in French Alps are some of the amazing personal takeaways from the internship. In the end, I am left with a very realistic idea of what a photonics job might look like. I also realised that not only the content of your job is important, but that also a sympathetic working environment and great colleagues play a definitive role in one’s level of job satisfaction.”

Tanvi Pradhan Photonics Student Master in Photonics Engineering

Tanvi Pradhan 🇮🇳

Tanvi is a Photonics student at Ghent University.

Master in Photonics Engineering Tanvi Pradhan Photonics Internship Grenoble city

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