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Our students are well-organised in central organisations such as SPIE, OSA and other international communities. Join them to discover the student life from a whole different side, get to know each other and learn new skills!

Photonics Society Ghent

The Photonics Society of Ghent (PSG), formerly known as the Ghent Optics Society, was formed in September 2016, when the SID-ME student branch and the SPIE student chapter of Ghent University joined hands. In 2017, the OSA student chapter was founded and added to the organization. By combining the different student chapters, PSG is able to provide their members with the benefits of all three professional organizations. Rather than competing for members, these chapters now cooperate to organize more and bigger events.

The aim of the PSG is to connect master and PhD students with each other, educators and industry. PSG does this through the organisation of events such as social events, company visits, lectures, workshops, outreach activities and recruitment events.

B-PHOT Student Chapter

The B-PHOT Student Chapter, affiliated with the Brussels Photonics Team, is a joint student chapter of the SPIE and Optica Vrije Universiteit Brussel Student Chapters. The Vrije Universiteit Brussels SPIE Student Chapter was founded in 2006-2007 as the first student chapter in Western Europe. The Vrije Universiteit Brussels Optica Student Chapter was founded in 2020-2021. By forming the B-PHOT Student Chapter, we continue to promote optics and photonics with a joint force. The mission of the Student Chapter is to bring together bachelor, master, and PhD students in photonics and offer them a platform to interact with each other, academics in photonics (post-docs, professors…), industrial photonics, and the international photonics societies. As a member of the student chapter, you enjoy several benefits with broad access to resources, and networking opportunities at our academic, industrial or social events, that can make a difference in your career.

Next to online courses, discounts for conferences, access to grants and online journals we also organise and support several scientific and social events.

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