The end of an unusual academic year

Two weeks ago, we virtually closed an unusual academic year. After a semester dominated by the Coronavirus and the measures that followed, our second-year master students celebrated the end of the academic year with a Summer Symposium.

The second-year students gave online presentations of their master thesis and had the chance to listen to the invited talk of Prof. Sherif Sedky, Executive President of Zewail City of Science & Technology, Egypt. Listen to the talk here:

This presentation was followed by a ‘Best Thesis Award’ ceremony. The best thesis award winners were Narek Karapetyan, Indy Magnus and David De Vocht.

After this award ceremony, students Julia Boeke (UGent) and David De Vocht (VUB) summarized their experiences after studying two years in our master programme. You can hear their testimonial here:

Also some other students provided their feedback and experience of the past year. You can read their expressions in what follows:

“It was a privilege during this pandemic to be able to be home with family and do exams online”

“It was very well organized in general. The methodology was fair for being online and there were no technical problems from my side. It would be better if it is a must for the professors to record the lectures in case one missed it due to technical issues.”

“I think the online exams went well, the changes the professors proposed made things to go smooth.”

“Everything was very well organized and as well the lectures as the exams went well without many technical difficulties”

“Sometimes it is hard to keep focus, but I like the online course a lot!”

“I have had excellent experiences on the online exams. For me, no need to improve!”

“Overall, it was a good experience!”

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