Yamila Borsch

“I searched for different programmes in optics and photonics, and in the end, I went for the experience abroad in Brussels. I felt very welcomed at VUB, the people of Brussels Photonics (‘B-PHOT’) are really open-hearted. Especially as a member of the B-PHOT Student Chapter, I would like to support new students and keep that good connection alive.”

“I did not expect to be accepted when I applied for the programme, but here I am. The same goes for my SPIE scholarship, it was unexpected so I’m very proud that people believe in my ability and see my potential. That’s the message I want to give to others: ‘You can think big and follow your dreams’.”

“After my studies, I would like to connect research with industry in the field of optical design. I hope to be able to build a solid foundation of knowledge and a broad network.”

Yamila Borsch

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• For non-visa-required EU students
• Starting in academic year 2023-2024
• Up to €10.000