Rohan Sharma | India

Rohan Sharma

This is a brilliant Master Programme in Photonics Engineering with a focus on Internationalization. Studying photonics at Vrije Universiteit Brussel amongst international students is exciting & gainful. The professors at VUB communicate the lectures with clarity & actively guide and support the students. Living in the student housing amongst students from diverse cultural backgrounds is the most enjoyable experience. I am happy to have opted for VUB for pursuing my Masters in Photonics.

Rohan Sharma

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David De Vocht Master of Science in Photonics Engineering Student VUB

Master thesis work results in Optics Letters publication

All students in the final year of the Master of Science in Photonics Engineering programme carry out a master thesis project during which they have the opportunity to perform new research on the topic of their choice. VUB master thesis student David De Vocht saw his work published in the renowned journal of Optics Letters.

Didi Shi Master Photonics Engineering Alumni UGent-01

Didi Shi

Hardware Technical Engineer at Huawei Technologies